About Waller Creek and the Waller Creek Conservancy

Waller Creek is the key, connecting tissue of 28 acres of downtown Austin and the Waller Creek Conservancy envisions the creek as a workable landscape that rests on the bedrock of extraordinary design. The conservancy is hosting an international design competition, the first of its kind in Austin, with the final design to be announced in October, 2012.

The Waller Creek Conservancy is the steward of Waller Creek and is playing a vital role in the 
preservation, redevelopment and maintenance of the creek’s surrounding parkland. We envision Waller Creek as a restored source of natural beauty and an open stage for social interaction. Transforming Waller Creek starts with creating a healthy eco-system, one that inspires connectivity and collaboration between the most fundamental aspects of Austin’s collective identity.

Leveraging philanthropic leadership with local government, the Waller Creek Conservancy is a community partner to the City of Austin through a public-private partnership. For more information about the Waller Creek Conservancy, please visit www.wallercreek.org.